December 18, 2018

5 Reasons to Take Bridal Portraits

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I find it a shame that brides think they only get to wear their wedding dress once. One venue. One hair style. One photography session. Then they hang it back up with only a hope that maybe their little girl might walk down her aisle in it, too. All of the lace and embellishments and veils and everything that made them fall in love with their dress put up to fade away. 

Included in my gold and platinum packages is the beloved bridal session. Taking bridal portraits gives brides a reason to put on their dress before their big day and capture their exquisite bridal glow so it may last a lifetime.  

As an example of the perfect bridal session I’ve included Elizabeth’s breathtaking Garvan Woodland Gardens bridal session. 

5 Reasons You Want to Take Bridal Portraits

  1. Alteration Awareness 
    • Bridal sessions can make you mindful of any changes that need to be made for your wedding day. Are the sleeves the right length? Is that bra going to be hidden? This session lets you see the tiny things before the wedding. 
  2. Trial and Error
    • I will be the first to admit, sometimes I don’t want what I think I want! I might think I like dark lipstick or a big hairstyle until I see myself with it. This session allows you to try out those pinned bridal looks to make sure they’re the bridal look that you have fantasized over. Some of our brides even do their hair, veils, or makeup completely differently for their weddings than what they had for their bridals. We want you to be your most perfect you for your most perfect day! 
  3. Show Your Portraits at the Reception
    • Bridal portraits are perfect reception decorations for gift, cake, and guest book tables. Let your guests admire you and all of your bridal splendor! 
  4. Practicing Wedding Poses
    • We understand that posing does not come easy! This is a time where you can find every one of your angles and learn how to pose in your dress while getting comfortable with your photographer. Be silly. Be sweet. Be sexy. Be you like no one is watching, because no one is! This time can just be you and your photographer getting comfortable with the camera before having a wedding day audience watching. 
  5. Make Them a Gift
    • Your bridal portraits are a gorgeous gift for your love, your parents, and anyone else that loves to look at you and show you off! They are also a nice personal thank you gift for those that were involved with putting on your wedding day. Your future kids might even look at these and get to see that their mother has always been exquisitely lovely. 

Bride- Mrs. Elizabeth Cowart

Venue- Garvan Gardens

Wedding dress- Low’s Bridal

Hair- The Loft in Hope, Arkansas

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