December 6, 2018

Crystal’s Advice for Group & Family Portraits

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As much as we like adorning our homes and office spaces with family portraits and flipping through albums of all of our loved ones on wedding days, we understand the mania that goes into capturing each of those smiling faces looking at the camera in one flash. We will admit, this guideline might not make your ring-bearer pose or keep your father-in-law from making silly faces, but it can help you be as organized as possible and your photographer capture the images you have envisioned without de-railing your entire timeline.



  • Create a list of group images you want to take after the ceremony. Put the full names of every person in every picture on the list so that these guests can be found easily. Your photographer probably won’t know who your cousin Kenny is. If you want to be especially efficient, organize the list so that the people in the fewest photos can take theirs first then join the other guests while the other photos are finishing up. This will keep the crowd small and the inquisitive guests from going to see what is going on at cocktail hour before taking their pictures.
  • Notify your guests that will be in pictures before time to take pictures. Tell them when the pictures will be taken and where. If the pictures will be taken after the ceremony, ask your officiant or minister to make an announcement for those that will be in the group photos with the proper instructions before guests leave the ceremony area.
  • Crowd management can be headed by the mother figures on the bride or groom’s side, the maid of honor, best man or anyone that knows who the guests are & has a voice the guests will listen to! They will help keep the groups together and tell everyone which pictures they are in.
  • Time frames will keep you from spending so much time taking pictures that you don’t get to be with the other guests! Group photos can take up to 5 minutes to pose. We don’t want to take away from capturing your couple portraits or cocktail hour! On your list, have which photos you or those in them might print or frame on the wall. Those photos come first, then the others can be taken later at the reception less formally. This makes it where you can have your pictures and your cake, too!



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